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Net Meeting 119

Date 12 May 2019
Participants PGL, NB, KP, LF, TO Minutes by NB.

Review Status of the Action List

A list of actions can here found here. No progress reported.

New action for PGL to investigate the ownership of the overturetool.org domain name.

New action for PGL to contact MV (cc NB) about the approach to updating the licensing of Fujitsu’s VDMJ.

Overture Language Board Status

The PO working group has a plan of action going forward. Next step is to draft the PO documentation, to agree its structure.

The open RMs are both stuck. The Annotations RM currently only works with command line Overture, and needs input on how best to proceed. The total function RM just needs some help to complete the Overture PO generation.

Status of VDMTools/ViennaTalk

The website

Status of the Overture Components

The next release of Overture will include

The website (overturetool.org)

Updating the overturetool.org website, by pushing changes to the overturetool.github.io repository, produces the following rather critical warning:

The page build completed successfully, but returned the following warning for the master branch: The custom domain for your GitHub Pages site is pointed at an outdated IP address. You must update your site’s DNS records if you’d like it to be available via your custom domain. For more information, see https://help.github.com/en/articles/using-a-custom-domain-with-github-pages. For information on troubleshooting Jekyll see: https://help.github.com/articles/troubleshooting-jekyll-builds

In order to fix this we’d have to go to the company where we purchased the domain and update the DNS settings. However, it is currently unclear who has the power to do this. See actions.

Release Planning

The next release, which is due June 03, includes several new features and bug fixes (described above). For this reason, we will send out the release candidate (RC) three weeks in advance. This will give us some extra time for testing and possibly send out a second RC, if needed. The release version will be 2.7.0.

Community Development

Overture Traffic

See download stats on the downloads page

The next Overture workshop

The INTO-CPS General Assembly is expected to be held in Porto at the end of the Overture Workshop. Papers are in the process of being planned: likely one from AU about the EMACS interface for VDM, one from NCL about sensitivity analysis, possibly something about Overture annotations, and some more potential contributions from INTO-CPS.

Licensing of Overture source code

No progress. See new action.

Publications Status and Plans

See Planned Publications.

Any Other Business

The Centre for Digital Twins was opened formally on 6th May. The presentation slides will be available on the site shortly: