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NetMeeting Default Template

Date 25 Feb 2024, 12:00 CEST
Participants HDM, KGP, TO Minutes by HDM

Review Status of the Action List

See Net Meeting Actions

Overture Language Board Status

Traditionally LB is formed at first meeting. Issues found in using slack with blurred history for non-paying members and missing quorum. LB to be elected in a meeting to hold between this and next NM.

Status of ViennaTalk Development

ViennaTalk currently uses an old version of VDMJ (3.2.0), which does not run on the latest JRE. While I’m updating the VDMJ wrapper to adopt the latest version of VDMJ, the transpiler, which runs without the VDMJ wrapper, can be used as an alternative.

Status of the Overture Components


VSCode Extension

LSP Server

Release Planning

Community Development

The web appearance of VDM

Overture Traffic

See download stats on number of installs.


Workshop submission was sent to FM Organization. It will be on the 10th of September 2024.

Publications Status and Plans

Also see Planned Publications.

It was agreed that people should review and update this page with their planned papers.

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