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Net Meeting 18

Date 20 May 2007, 1300 CET
Participants John Fitzgerald, Peter Gorm Larsen, Hugo Macedo, Shin Sahara, Marcel Verhoef

Review of Action List

The actions are all at Overture on SourceForge.


Status of VDMTools development
New version o VDMTools will be released with improvements. Currently the VDMTools team is growing up and have lots of new ideas.


Status of Thomas’ work on the Overture type checker
Thomas delivered his thesis and the type checker is completed in one version but by no means complete, probably it is a candidate for a new thesis project.
Status of Hugo’s work on the Overture interpreter
Hugo sent a short report on the actual achievements on the Overture Interpreter and actually is almost finishing the automatic code generation approach which cannot step further until some bug fixes are done to the code generator.
Status of Sander’s work on the Overture proof support
Sander was traveling back from Newcastle, but sent a status report in advance and everyone feels that his work looks very good.
Mondex and Pacemaker case studies
There are abstract and concrete models on the Mondex case-study and the team is starting to look at refinement proofs.
Modeled Pacemaker in VDM-SL, sequential/concurrent VDM++ and Vice. Next step is to work on validation conjectures.
New students from Minho for Overture
There are lots of projects to the new students from Minho university with priority to the code-generator, interpreter and type checker.

Publication plans

In preparation:

Any Other Business

Nothing to report.

Next Meeting

8 Jul 2007 1300 CET