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Net Meeting 23

Date 20 January 2008, 1300 CET
Participants Peter Gorm Larsen, JohnFitzgerald, Carlos Vilhena, Adriana Santos, Hugo Macedo, Shin Sahara, MarcelVerhoef, Augusto Ribeiro and SanderVermolen

Review of Action List

The actions are all at Overture on SourceForge.


Status and development plans for VDMTools version 8.xx
Released version 8.0.1b-080115. Struggling with automotive companies for:
  • How to write requirement specification (not only by using VDM, especially for plant models);
  • How to write detailed design specification (by VDM).

Development plans: High priority:

  • Test case generator from proof obligation (model based test);
  • Eclipse-nize of VDMTools;
  • XMI interface;
  • Using AST by user.

Priority under consideration:

  • VICE improvement;
  • VDM with SAT/SMT solver.

Low priority:

  • “Japanizing” error messages;
  • Alternative tool of CORBA interface.
Bug reporting for VDMTools bugs
There are no English reported bugs.


Status of Thomas’ work on the Overture type checker
It has now been uploaded but it is only for a subset of VDM++ and it has not yet been code generated.
Status of Hugo’s work on the Overture interpreter
With the high priority of the VDMTools development to the eclipse platform there will be an opportunity to improve Hugo’s work.
Status of Sander’s work on the Overture proof support
Improving the proof support.
The MONDEX case study
Nothing to report.
The Pacemaker case study
Nothing to report.
Introduction to new Overture subjects (Adriana, Carlos and Augusto)
Concerning Carlos’s thesis, he is writing about the possible limitations of a connection between VDM++ and JML, and comparing the semantics of both languages. Right now, he is starting the practical side of his work together with his writing, that will start with some important decisions evolving the JML parser.

: Adriana is working on test automation support. She has been working with Tobias, which is a combinatorial testing tool. She made 2 examples in order to use it: the Triangle Problem and the Towers of Hanoi. She also made the test coverage using the vdmtools. At the moment, test sequencing seems to be one good choice to implement in the Overture. The VDMTesK? tool is in stand-by. We are waiting to hear some news from the developers. They will try to find out why the tool isn’t working properly. She has been also reading about mutation testing and will probably have access to another tool which applies this strategy. Besides all this, she is also writing her thesis.

: Augusto’s thesis started this week and the subject is proof obligation generation for Overture. His work will focus on trying to extend the current POG to generate obligations for recursive functions.

Publication plans

In preparation:

In review:

In press:

Recently Appeared:

Strategic Research Agenda and Wikipedia

Peter updated http://www.vdmportal.org/twiki/bin/view/Main/SRA and feedback is welcome.

Wikipedia VDM section has been updated but still need improvements.

Any other business

Note that FM’09 will be in Eindhoven.

John advertise all about ICTAC (http://www.ictac.net/ictac08). Submissions by 11 April and there will be a special track on tools. The chairs will be John and Anne Haxthausen and they have completely revamped he programme committee so the conference will be more applied.

Sander said that a PhD? student at Delft University is working on generating language plugins for Eclipse based in their grammars (specifically dsls) to support highlighting, syntax checking code folding, etc.

Next Meeting

2 March 2008, 1300 CET