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Net Meeting 28

Date 07 September 2008, 1300 CET
Participants Peter Gorm Larsen, JohnFitzgerald, Carlos Vilhena, Adriana Santos, Shin Sahara, MarcelVerhoef, Augusto Ribeiro, Kenneth Lausdahl, Miguel Ferreira, Christian Thillermann and Nick Battle.

Review of Action List

The actions are all at Overture on SourceForge.


Status of the VDMTools

Status of the VDMTools project

The brother company CSK Systems Nishi-Nihon(West-Japan) got the research project with AIST(http://www.aist.go.jp/index_en.html). Agda and VDM is the main specification language of this project. have to make a converter from unified specifications (which have to be a writable language from the industrial engineer’s view) to Agda and VDM. And, we have to return the verified results to the unified specification side.

Sales of VDMTools

We’ve got many trial users, but there is no real new user to date



Overture Parser Update

Nothing to report.

Status of Adriana’s work on the Overture Test Automation Support

The future plan of my work is: - Document how the tool can be used. There is a GUI which must be explained so that someone else besides myself can use it! - The name of each trace should be changed for a path. In this way, the test cases that are automatically generated are saved in the path the user chose. - Reduce the hand-made work that users must dedicate to use tool. - Enlarge the type of test cases that can be automatically generated.

Status of Carlos’ work on the Overture Connector between VDM++ and JML

In the future, I intend to stabilise the tool, in order to be able to work on its extension. Now, there are a number of bugs that need to be fixed before continuing the work. After making it robust, I intend to start extending it in order to be able to map VDM++ functions to JML in first place, and then in the other way around. In a long run, I intend to allow as many constructs as possible.

Status of Augusto’s work on the Overture Proof Obligation Generator

Proof obligations are now generated for polymorphic function but still needs extensive testing. Next step resolving the problem with mutual recursion between super-classes.

New students (Kenneth and Hans Christian)

Kenneth and Hans Christian are currently studying the infrastructure specification for UML 2.1 to determine the meta-structure of the UML language, which will enable them to find any new stuff to include in the VDM <-> UML mapper (besides the constructs described in the Rose-VDM link documentation). They have identified conflicts between VDM and UML (e.g. namespaces and template classes), which they will analyse and come up with a solution to.

The MONDEX case study

The latest MONDEX surge produced good improvement on the proofs, see table at: http://www.vdmportal.org/twiki/bin/view/Main/MondexCaseStudy Unit tests for the operations in the abstract world have been prepared but the tests for the operations in the concrete world are yet to be prepared. With the automated proof work, some progress has been made, but are still unable to replicate Sander’s results.

The Pacemaker case study

John has made only limited progress on the VDM models but have got time to do so. He have a telco next week with some computer scientists at Oxford working on models of the heart, so an interesting possibility is co-simulation here. He will give a talk on the state of the pacemaker on 15 September in London. The aim is to engage the interest of other groups as well.


What Miguel was able to do since last time for the case study, was to model and test two new operations FS_WriteFile and FS_SetFileOffset in VDM++. He is currently updating the Alloy models with the two new operations, but some challenges are making-me have to experiment allot, because he want to keep the abstraction level high enough, so that he do not have to use Alloy sequences. Whenever this is done, he’ll be able to model check the operations, and re-adjust the models if necessary. The next step will be to adapt the VDM++ model for the Automatic Proof Support system, so that it can generate the HOL model.

Overture - Eclipse Integration Status

Christian has just started implenting the overture parser into an eclipse plugin. He hopes to have the first release of the plugin ready soon. The overall plan is to aim for a common interface for VDMTools and Overture functionality on the eclipse platform.

Overture Workshop

José Nuno suggested Braga, in Portugal. Web-site is up here.

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