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Net Meeting 32

Date 8 February 2009, 1400 CET
Participants Peter Gorm Larsen, Shin Sahara, Nick Battle and Miguel Ferreira, MarcelVerhoef, SanderVermolen and David Holst Møller.

Review of Action List

The actions are all at Overture on SourceForge.

John sent some inputs to 31/1 to Peter by mail:

There is some progress following very helpful input from Miguel and from Nick. I don’t think we have had major inputs from anyone else. Miguel has started a draft Process and we would like, I think, to have a full proposal in a few weeks but at the mometn there is a point I would like you to discuss in the NM. The Process provides for managing changes to both the Overture Modelling Language and the tools. We have a single committee that manages this process and calls in expert opinions on whether changes should proceed. Nick had a suggestion that we shodl separate the language and tools elements because, for example, the language definition might be of more interest to researchers while the tools element might have to take account of commercial aspects. If we adopt this, we would use the same process in two parallel streams. I am, however, worried about synchronisation of the language definitions and the tools (and there will be documents in common, such as operational semantics). So I would like some feedback form the meeting on whether we should proceed with a single or two parallel processes.

Miguel: If we decide to keep the committees separate, both VDM and OML can be addressed in the language committee in articulation with the tools committee. If we merge the committees in a single process that addresses only Overture stuff (OML + tools), we will probably make OML drift further away from VDM language as used by the VDMTools. Having said that, John asked me to put up a question in debate: “should we keep OML synchronised with VDM? Well, I think we really differentiated the two languages because we wanted to allow the possibility of extensions to OML without having to worry about the effects on VDMTools, which stick to ISO Standard VDM (well, fairly approximately). The situation is confused because the languages are virtually identical at the moment.”

Miguel is responsible for the the action: Start email discussion on language board

About ‘31/3 Doodle for Newcastle Workshop Dates’ John has told Peter: “I set up the doodle but didn’t announce it yet. This has been for the reason that we have been organising Deploy project meetings for the period up to and around Easter and I can not risk a clash. I will complete this action this coming week. We still fully intend to hold this workshop in Newcastle.” The tool oriented workshop in Newcastle is still planned soon.


Shin sent out the usual VDMTools report - nobody had any comments Shin reported that 200 people have been trained in VDM as CSK, about 15 people are using.


Status for each of the Overture components at sourceforge

ast (Marcel)

Marcel reports that ‘work is progressing fine’ and that things will be ready so that a trial session can be run on the new repository when he comes to Denmark.

potrans (Miguel)

Miguel’s status on the PO translation is that about 20 out about 90 POs can be translated. He is in dialouge with Nick about them.

testgen (Peter)

Target for release date is still the end of Februrary

eclipse (Christian and David)

Still having a bit of trouble getting the debugging up and running. There’s a update-site at http://overtureeditor.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/Workspace/org.overturetool.update-site/ For the time being the features are:

Publication status

In preparation:

In review:

In press:

Recently appeared (since last NM): None

Any Other Business


Next Meeting

March 8th 2009, 1300 CET