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Net Meeting 39

Date 22 November 2009, 1300 CET
Participants Peter Gorm Larsen, John Fitzgerald, Shin Sahara, Marcel Verhof, Nick Battle, Carlos Vilhena, Sako Hiroshi, Augusto Ribeiro and Kenneth Lausdahl.

Review of Action List

The actions are all at Overture on SourceForge.


Shin sent out the usual VDMTools report (see overture-core list).


Status for each of the Overture components at sourceforge


No program changes. We are currently in progress of updating the rejected paper and will resubmit it to ASE 2010


A plan to merge both VDMJ and OML ASTs was made.


No Changes has been made, but next Friday Peter and I will take a look at the stability issue. We have also received a larger model from FJ which we later want to test against the UMLTrans.

Tools (Maven build automation)


Eclipse (Christian and David)

The Overture IDE has been rewritten and is now committed, it has basic support for all three dialects, outline of SL and debug for vdm++.

POTrans (Miguel)

No progress

VDMJ (Nick)

There have been a large number of small fixes to VDMJ since the last NM - 65 separate SVN updates. Most of them have been small problems that have arisen as a result of the closer scrutiny the system has had since the Overture GUI really became usable (say 0.0.4 onwards) - especially around the time of FM09.

Test Automation Support (Carlos)

Carlos have not got any further with the testing stuff

Overture Language Board suggestions and VDM10

Returning the first four items to the LB for deliberation. There is one new item which is being discussed at the moment (pre/post ops). VDM10 issue 1 or multiple dialects support, the LB come back with a clearer point at VDM-10 Language board issues

The Overture article

Peter will talk to Marcel about the missing subsections, and John will write an intro section.

The Overture wiki

Peter started updating the text on the wiki, and will continue this.


Program of the 7th Overture Workshop

Publication plans

In preparation:

In review:

In press:

Recently Appeared:

Any Other Business

Next Meeting

January 3rd 2010, 1300 CET

Note: next NM should address the problem of 13:00 CET = 20:00 JST.