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Net Meeting 40

Date 3 January 2010, 1300 CET
Participants Peter Gorm Larsen, John Fitzgerald, Shin Sahara, Marcel Vaerhof, Nick Battle, Carlos Vilhena, Sako Hiroshi, Augusto Ribeiro and Kenneth Lausdahl.

Review of Action List

The actions are all at Overture on SourceForge.


Shin sent out the usual VDMTools report (see overture-core list).


Status for each of the Overture components at sourceforge


Traces: We are still working on the paper and have made some minor bug fixes.

Overture IDE

Overture Language Board

Only Peter and Nick have stated their wish to be re-elected. Nick will work on re-establishing the LB for the next NM. Action 40/1.

Nick suggested that release policy should be managed via the LB via “issues” - except for the third-digit builds. There is always an outstanding release “issue”, and developers working to implement it.

Action (40/2) on Peter to coordinate a release plan that has the support of core members and DESTECS. He can start this during the DESTECS Kick-off but it will have to be discussed with core before being agreed.

Publication plans

Planned (note the lead author and approximate date):

In preparation:

In review:

In press:

Recently Appeared:

EVERYONE please remember to update the publications list on vdmportal.org

EVERYONE please remember to acknowledge DESTECS in any relevant publications!

Any Other Business

Overture Documentation

Next Meeting

6 February 2010, 1500 CET