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Net Meeting 41

Date 6 February 2010, 1500 CET
Participants Peter Gorm Larsen, John Fitzgerald, Shin Sahara, Marcel Vaerhof, Nick Battle, Carlos Vilhena, Augusto Ribeiro, Kenneth Lausdahl and Ken Pierce.

Review of Action List

The actions are all at Overture on SourceForge.


Shin sent out the usual VDMTools report (see overture-core list).


Status for each of the Overture components at sourceforge


Carlos have been working in a standalone JML parser (based in the OpenJML project) that is able to output an AST of the parsed JML files so that he can connect it to the jmltrans tool. However, the jmltrans tools needs to be revised because of the changes in the overture AST and it needs to be a part of an Eclipse plugin (it was done before the eclipse version of the Overture).

Furthermore, depending on the JML AST structure returned from their parser, he might have to change the JML AST definition in VDM++ in order to ease the conversion process. T

Overture IDE

Kenneth recommends that he and augusto take the IDE components and refactor them or redo them when there is a decision about DLTK. It should cover the IDE components ( a larger task which may take some time)

Concerning vdmtools, Kenneths thinks we might be able to get Christian (kedde) to look into this since he made it. Then give us a few new features and a status of those components

Overture Language Board

Nico Plat could not be present in the netmeeting, but he has told Peter that he is willing to enter in the LB as the convenor and replace him there.

Release Plan

Peter made a draft of the release plan. A few members suggested to have it in SourceForge as well, in order to update it easily.

Publication plans

Planned (note the lead author and approximate date):

In preparation:

In review:

In press:

Recently Appeared:

EVERYONE please remember to update the publications list on vdmportal.org

EVERYONE please remember to acknowledge DESTECS in any relevant publications!

Any Other Business

Overture Documentation:

Next Meeting

14 March 2010, 14:00 CET