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Net Meeting 46

Date 22 August 2010, 1300 CET
Participants Peter Gorm Larsen, Shin Sahara, Hiroshi Sako, Kenneth Lausdahl, Nico Plat, John Fitzgerald, (6 persons)

Review of Action List


See detailed report of Shin Sahara (sent to the overture-core mailing list) on the latest and greatest on VDMTools from Japan. VDM Tools. A number of bugs in the TC has been corrected and RC19 available for test.



Overture IDE 0.3.0 RC2 available for test, graphical errors fixed. Three large Japanese models have been tested in the tool and discovered that the Console prints in wrong encoding. A new RC3 will be uploaded to fix this.


New AST and parser prototype made based on the new TreeGen tool. A very early TC project has also been made.


Warnings updated.

Publication plans

See Planned Publications (page has been updated).

Any Other Business

Once again the Twiki sites are under attack and it has been purposed to close down automatic registration and let one administrator accept new accounts. No objections was made and Peter will discuss with Augusto how the new wiki is protected.

Next Meeting

Next meeting is due on Sunday 26 September, 13h00 CET.