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Net Meeting 49

Date 19 December 2010, 1300 CET
Participants Peter Gorm Larsen, Shin Sahara, Hiroshi Sako, Marcel Verhoef, Nick Battle, Ken Pierce

Review of Action List


See detailed report from Shin Sahara (sent to the overture-core mailing list) for the latest on VDMTools from Japan.


The LB NM was devoted to the discussion of the OO issues document. Proposals from sections 2 and 3 have been reformulated as 4 different RMs which are now in the Community Discussion phase. Everyone should read these proposals and comment before the next NM.

Please see: https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=141350&atid=1127184



Overture 1.0.0RC1 needs testing. See detailed report from Kenneth Lausdahl (sent to the overture-core mailing list) for more information.

Can testers please up update Overture_Platform_Releases as they make tests. Bugs should be submitted to the SF bug tracker (though please check existing bugs first): https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=141350&atid=749152


Marcel noted that the RC has not been announced on the site (though previous RCs were). Marcel also thinks that the site needs to be “sexier” and should seel Overture more. Currently only Kenneth can edit the site, so Peter will look at extending access for Marcel, who offered to work on the site.


Nick sent the updates to overture-core mailing list.

Netmeeting dates

Netmeetings for 2011 have been scheduled for:

Publication plans

See Planned Publications (page has been updated).

Any Other Business

SIG Analysis

Marcel noted that the SIG (Software Improvement Group) analysed Overture 0.3.0: http://www.sig.eu/en/Research/Community/Student%20Code%20Clinic/ The question is what is done with the results. Peter is in contact with Miguel. Nick notes that these types of analysis are best run often (e.g. every check-in) and it would be good if this could be added to the toolflow. There is also some old, unused code that could be removed. The FindBugs eclipse plug-in could also be used. Peter will discuss with Kenneth about using the open code clinic while considering the architecture changes to Overture (new AST, splitting up VDMJ etc.).

Next Meeting

Next meeting is due on January 30th 2011, 1300 CET