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Net Meeting 51

Date 27 February 2011, 1300 CET
Participants Peter Gorm Larsen, Shin Sahara, Hiroshi Sako, Marcel Verhoef, Nick Battle, Nico Plat, Ken Pierce, Kenneth Lausdahl, Claus Ballegaard Nielsen.

Review of Action List


See detailed report from Shin Sahara (sent to the overture-core mailing list) for the latest on VDMTools from Japan.

The Dependable Software Forum (DSF) VDM technical working group mentioned in the report will start on Mon 28th Feb. The link between VDMTools and Overture is working (again) in Overture release 1.0.0 (due out today). Peter suggested Shin’s SEC paper should be added to the Overture publications page.

LB (OO issues and VDM Core)

The OO issues in the community discussion phase have been discussed on the mailing list, though this has died down again and no conclusion has been reached. Marcel suggested that email discussions are not the best way to decide these issues.

No recent progress has been made on the “VDM Core” idea (based on Erik Ernt’s suggestions from the 8th Overture Workshop in 2010), which the language board noted would probably help with the discussions by simplifying the problems. There are two examples of VDM Core in the Overture svn repository: overturesvn\documentation\examples\VDMCore and a page on the wiki: http://wiki.overturetool.org/index.php/VDMCore

Nico argued that the OO RMs should be withdrawn if the community cannot reach agreement. Ken suggested that they could be placed on an “Issues” list (where the community should aim to make these issues into concrete RMs). Peter suggested that he wanted the Overture tool to support VDM Core as a dialect for testing. Ken and Nick were keen to see VDM Core defined in VDM-SL. Peter has taken an action to move on the VDM Core work.



Overture 1.0.0 is due to be released today, 27 February 2011. There were a few bugs fixes from RC4, so Nick was keen to see this version tested before it goes live. Kenneth will complile and tag the 1.0.0 release. Marcel will generate a single link (through sourceforge) from which people can download the tool and documentation. Nick has sent the release note to the mailing list for checking, which Peter agreed to check. Peter has made an video that has been uploaded to youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTeaOK1ztHY

It was suggested to announce the release on (at least) the FMNET mailing list, various LinkedIn groups. People should suggest all possible venues for an announcement to Marcel, who will update the website, prepare an email and send it to Overture core for checking.

Bugs should be submitted to the SF bug tracker (though please check existing bugs first): https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=141350&atid=749152


Marcel will check the website is up-to-date and ready for the Overture 1.0.0 release. There is now an @overturetool Twitter channel and a youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/overturetool


Nick sent the updates to overture-core mailing list.

Publication plans

See Planned Publications (page has been updated).

Next Meeting

Next meeting is due on March 20th 2011, 1300 CET