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Net Meeting 55

Date 18 September 2011, 1300 CET
Participants Peter Gorm Larsen, Nick Battle, Shin Sahara, John Fitzgerald, Nico Plat, Hiroshi Sako, Ken Pierce.

Review of Action List


See detailed report from Shin Sahara (sent to the overture-core mailing list) for the latest on VDMTools from Japan. VDMT that uses newer version of Qt can be downloaded as a beta.



Nick sent a small report of two bugfixes.

Language Board

LB minutes of the NM are on the, but there has not been much discussion. Marcel, Kenneth L and Augusto need chasing. The LB considered the role of a release manager. Peter Gorm Larsen suggested Joey Coleman, who will start at IHA in October.

AST Restructuring

The parser and TC (type checker) are now separate Eclipse plug-ins bound with an AST in between. There is one TC error left to fix for all the old CSK tests. A document will be written once it is working to explain how it works. The POG (proof obligation generator) and interpreter are not yet implemented. Currently this work exists as a separate branch but should be available in Overture 2.0.0 and this will allow more plug-ins to be written.

Publication plans

The following standard message was reiterated: please ensure that the Planned Publications page Planned Publications is updated, and that any published papers are available on the Overture wiki Overture Publications. Peter found four VDM-related papers from Japan that did not seem aware of the current status of Overture, so efforts will be made to contact them.


John would like to see a discussion at the next NM on ABZ workshop submissions and Nico would like to discuss when 1.1.1 will be released

Next Meeting

Next meeting is due on October 23rd 2011, 1300 CET