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Net Meeting 57

Date 27 November 2011, 13h00 CET
Participants Peter Gorm Larsen, Shin Sahara, Hiroshi Sako, Kenneth Lausdahl, Nick Battle, Marcel Verhoef (minutes), Joey Coleman, Ken Pierce, John Fitzgerald.

Review of Action List

The current list of action items can be found [https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?limit=25&func=&group_id=141350&atid=775371&assignee=&status=&category=&artgroup=&keyword=&submitter=&artifact_id=&assignee=&status=1&category=&artgroup=&submitter=&keyword=&artifact_id=&submit=Filter&mass_category=&mass_priority=&mass_assignee=&mass_artgroup=&mass_status=&mass_cannedresponse=&_visit_cookie=041071fcd0c16ea6368e7f78e5bb1e4b here].


Shin Sahara has provided his usual report by email to which no questions where raised. It was noted that several language changes and additions to the standard libraries were reported this period. These language changes have also been submitted to the Language Board for consideration.

A short discussion was held to decide whether or not the implemented library changes should be made to VDMJ (and Overture) too (answer: yes) but also whether or not these libraries are part of the language and changes should therefore also be suggested to (and approved by) the Language Board. Nick will write a short note to the LB to ask their opinion on that matter (Action).


Status on VDMJ and Overture have been reported by e-mail by Nick and Kenneth. The AST restructuring is nearly finished and expected to be released before the end of this year (move back to the main development branch). No questions were raised during the meeting.

Language Board

Nick reports on the progress made by the Language Board, pointing to their most recent minutes. The LB suggest to change the OCP to allow seven members instead of five, so the board can be more effective. Everyone is asked to consider this proposal formally (action), although no objections where received at the meeting. Marcel has kindly offered to step forward and volunteer as an additional LB member in 2012.

Release Management

Joey has started work on improvement of the build server. Aim is to simplify the build process such that it is easier to contribute. Ken reports still having issues replicating the current build process. Work is ongoing along side the restructuring of the Overture AST and plans are to make an intermediate 1.1.1 release shortly which will have new VDMJ features included and move to Overture 2.0.0 with the new AST and the build infrastructure. This release is expected to appear around Christmas.

Furthermore, we have noticed a significant increase in downloads (in particular from Portugal) over the last month. Perhaps a new course has started for which Overture is being used.

Strategic Research Agenda

The strategic research agenda was moved from the VDM portal to the Overture Wiki. No comments were received on the current draft, but everyone is asked to read and review it and make suggestions for changing it. Every other NM the research agenda will be reviewed.

Publication plans

The current publication plans were discussed. Everyone is asked to add the target conference or journal to their entry, such that it is easier to see who is submitting where (Action). Furthermore everyone is asked to chase the people in their social network to consider submitting papers to ABZ (Pisa, Italy) which will have a seperate VDM workshop.

Any Other Business


Next Meeting

18 December 2011, 13h00 CET.