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Net Meeting 64

Date 7th October 2012, 1300 CEST
Participants Peter, Nick, Augusto, Joey, Shin

Review of Action List

The action item list is maintained as a tracker on SourceForge.



  1. Evolved for code generation.
  2. Fixed a bug in curried function.
  3. Fixed bugs in case of using “overload” and “override” both. Still, we can’t call abstract functions/operations, from outside of super-sub tree objects.


-- Convert a char into a UTF16 code value.
static public
char2code: char -> nat
char2code(c) == is not yet specified;

-- Convert a UTF16 code value into a char.
static public
code2char: nat -> char
code2char(c) == is not yet specified;

-- Get current time in miliseconds since Jan. 1, 1970
static public
current_time: () ==> nat
current_time() == is not yet specified;
end VDMUtil



The changes for the recent RMs to allow expressions in cycles/duration and periodic statements were made. A bug fix was applied to allow for the correct monitoring of obj.field expressions in sync guards (previously, guards did not notice changes to such expressions). A small POG fix was made regarding the handling of seq1 types (they cannot be empty, so hd/tl will always be safe). Another small fix was applied to make more sensible error messages for set/seq values.


It was noted that we are short of hands to work on ASTv2 currently, with Kenneth at MIT and Augusto moving away. There may be folk to pick up this work early next year, but there will inevitably be a period where progress is slow while people learn their way round the code.

No other component progress reported.

Language Board

Progress reported via the last LB NM meeting minutes here

Release Management

Most of the items in this section relate to actions in the month following the last NM.

SF.net transition

We transitioned to the new SF.net project hosting platform shortly after the last netmeeting; this appears to have been mostly painless, though the LB tracking numbers ended up changing. To the best of my (Joey’s) knowledge, this was unavoidable; happily, the number of LB items numbers in the 10’s rather than 100’s or more.

Overture 1.2.2

We have the version 1.2.2 release of Overture ready but for the release notes; those will be made as time allows. Joey proposes that this be the penultimate release of the 1.2.x series, with 1.2.3 catching any last fixes in that series.

Overture 2.0.0alpha1

We also have the first ASTv2 alpha ready for review and testing, and this version should be essentially feature-complete. As with v1.2.2, its proper release awaits release notes. The general hope is that all future development be done on the ASTv2 versions, though we still have a few small from Nick to pull in. The CML tool being developed in the COMPASS project is already developing using this version.

LB Coordination

Nothing to report.

Strategic Research Agenda

The Strategic Research Agenda is reviewed every other NetMeeting.

Publication plans

See Planned Publications.

Any Other Business

Peter mentioned that he will be presenting at a seminar on Formal Methods in Industry in Japan later in October 1.

Next Meeting

The next meeting for the 11th November will be cancelled. Peter and Joey cannot make it, and many folk will have met up in Aarhus the weekend before in any case.