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Net Meeting 65

Date 11th November 2012, 1300 CEST
Participants Peter, Nick, Marcel, Joey, Shin, Sako

Review of Action List


Status of VDMTools development

Version v9.0.2 - Tue 06-Nov-2012 09:45:47 +0900

Bug reporting for VDMTools bugs

Fixed bugs of overloaded function (in multiple inheritance, and different result type)


Status for each of the Overture components

Three small bugfixes applied: one to allow graceful failure if a CT test doesn’t generate any tests, one to correct an invalid type inference in the type checker with multiplication expressions, and one to correct POs generated for map patterns.

Work has started on the ASTv2 extensions functionality by Rasmus and Anders. Good progress as been made, but it’s only used in the COMPASS project tool for now.

A guide to usage and what to test is pending an opportunity to write it up but, otherwise, please give it a shot.

Overture Language Board

Minutes of last meeting, on 14th October

Briefly, the LB is no longer tracking the Core language initiative as progress cannot resume until next year at the earliest. Some progress has been made recently with LRM updates to match the RMs being processed. Next LB meeting is scheduled for today (11th).

Release Planning

No updates.

Next Overture Workshop

Suggestion is to hold it in combination with IFM2013 in Turku Finland next year. No updates, but PGL to discuss with JF next week.

Use of StackOverflow for user community

There is some merit to this idea. I was suggested that other channels be closed if we adopt it. Action on PGL to discuss with Kenneth and the Alloy community and investigate further how to set this up. This could also include VDMTools of course.

Strategic Research Agenda (every other NM)

No updates.

Publication plans

See Planned Publications.

Any Other Business


Next Meeting

Next meeting scheduled for 16th December.