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Net Meeting 66

Date 16th December 2012, 1300 CEST
Participants Joey (chair), Nick, John, Sako, Shin

Review of Action List

The action item list is maintained as a tracker on SourceForge.


Status of VDMTools development

The VDM++ Toolbox v9.0.2 - Wed 12-Dec-2012 15:28:16 +0900 This version was improved in Java code generation .




Corrected three small bugs: one to allow @T type parameters to work correctly with type binds, like “let x:@T in…”; one to correct the handling of non-integer arguments in set ranges, like {1.1, …, 3.3} which is {2, 3}; and one to do with variable values being hidden in traces under certain (rare) circumstances.

ASTv2/Overture 2alpha

No significant motion on these; JWC has been busy on DESTECS and COMPASS deliverables

Language Board

The meeting minutes will be available here: 1

LB Election 2013

Every year, the language board is re-elected. A call went out to the Core email list requesting volunteers to stand. The existing LB members will stand again, apart from Sune. So we are at least looking for one new member ideally. Let us know if you would be interested!

Managing VDM Libraries

Marcel made a proposal to the LB that the board should be responsible for maintaining the libraries that come with Overture/VDMTools (IO, VDMUtil, Math etc) - defining what operations/functions exist and defining their semantics. This was not universally agreed by the LB, though a majority is in favour. It was suggested that we discuss more widely in Core to seek other views.

It was agreed that the LB is the most practical home for this, since there is no other formal group that maintains the tool. But it was noted (JF) that this is not really the intended purpose of the LB when it was started. Comments passed back to the LB.

Release Management

Next Release

Overture 1.2.4 will probably be produced in January, but no specific progress to report.

Strategic Research Agenda

The Strategic Research Agenda is reviewed every other NetMeeting.

The EU is formulating its Horizon 2020 programme (the successor to Framework 7), which will really kick in duing 2014. The unit with whom we have both DESTECS and COMPASS seems keen to proceed with Systems of Systems research, but it will probably be labelled “cyber-physical systems”.

Publication plans

See Planned Publications.

No changes were reported at the meeting.

Any Other Business


Next Meeting

The meeting schedule for 2013 has yet to be agreed.