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Net Meeting 67

Date January 26th 2013
Participants *Peter Gorm Larsen *Nico Plat *Marcel Verhoef *Shin Sahara *Hiroshi Sako *John Fitzgerald

Review of Action List

The action item list is maintained as a tracker on SourceForge.


Dr. K fixed some bugs of type checking of recursive curried function. I couldn’t talk with Dr. K about this modification, because I was busy with funerals of my father, mother, and mother-in-law. At least, the following example is OK.


  1. The VDM++ Toolbox v9.0.2 - Mon 21-Jan-2013 10:49:01 +0900

      public fmap[@elem]: (@elem -> @elem) -> seq of @elem -> seq of @elem
      fmap(f)(l) ==
             if l = []
             then []
             else [f(hd l)] ^ (fmap[@elem](f)(tl l))
      measure m;

      m[@elem]: (@elem -> @elem) * seq of @elem -> nat
      m(-,l) == len l;



The narrow_ keyword is now implemented. A small bug was fixed with mk_token comparisons, that meant that tokens of different underlying types would sometimes be considered equal. This is now changed so that tokens are equal if and only if their values would be equal. A -path command line option has been added to VDMJ to allow more convenient library access when using the command line. The -path option(s) provide alternative search directories when source files cannot be found relative to the current directory. This has also been updated by the LB in the language manual. The updates to manuals shall be pushed out to the users in connection with every release.


No change relative to the last netmeeting. AU has a new person starting in February who will spend some time with this.

Language Board

The meeting minutes will be available here: 1

Release Management

Overture 1.2.4

Expected to be released in February, after the present COMPASS project deliverable push calms down.

Overture 2alpha

No change.

Overture Workshop

The next Overture workshop will be held at iFM 2013 (see http://www.it.abo.fi/iFM2013/workshops_and_tutorials.php)

Publication plans

Also see Planned Publications.

A few changes were reported at the meeting.

However, more will follow after discussions between John, Ken and Carl. The “Newcastle Cyber-Physical Systems Initiative” mentioned is a new lab that we are starting in Newcastle as a result of a big investment by the university in a significant extension to the campus for Computing Science. Newcastle also plans to start teaching with VDM-RT in their BSc module on Real-Time systems next year. Students will use DESTECS and 20-Sim as well. New training materials will be developed for the students over next summer.

Any Other Business


Next Meeting

February 24th 2012 13:00 CET