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Net Meeting 68

Date 24 February 2013, 13h00 CET
Participants Joey Coleman, John Fitzgerald, Luis Diogo Monteiro Duarte Couto (aka “Luis”), Nick Battle, Nico Plat, Peter Gorm Larsen (chair), Shin Sahara, Marcel Verhoef (minutes). Apologies received from Sako Hiroshi.

Review of Action List

The action item list is maintained as a tracker on SourceForge.



Status for the different Overture components


I added a small JUnit test suite to Fujitsu’s VDMJ site (still GPL and it works with Overture’s VDMJ build too), which means that it is easy to build Java tests that use “command line” VDM. Leo is looking at this for bulk-testing his students’ project work for example, and it is essentially what we use to run the SCSK test suite. I’ve added details to the User Guide. Otherwise, there was just a small bug fix so that renamed VDM-SL imports now hide the original name.

Overture Language Board

Minutes of last meeting here. Next language board meeting will be 17 March, and the board is still looking for a new volunteer member.

Status on the AST restructuring — Overture 2α2

We’ve had some build issues with the astV2 branch, and are addressing them in a more general way in an attempt to eliminate an entire class of build problems that we frequently encounter. Some details on this are in the Release Management section below, and even more are available if desired by chatting with Joey. Documentation of the build system will be produced on the wiki before the final release of Overture 2.

Status of the individual components is pending testing; the core functionality appears to be fine; the quick interpreter works; the main interpreter and combinatorial testing have configuration errors; the UML2 translation plugin works; and the rest is yet untested. This reflects the state of the 2α version as of Friday (22nd) afternoon; Joey had hoped to have the build system stabilised by then, but it will be next week. Expect an announcement of a 2α2 version for testing in the coming week.

Peter WV Jørgensen –who was one of the students involved in writing the ShowtraceNextGen plugin– has started on the COMPASS project as of the start of February, and is presently working directly on the Overture codebase. Presently he’s integrating changes from the dev-nick branch into the astV2 codebase, and doing small cleanups along the way.

Next Overture workshop at iFM 2013

Two-day joint workshop with the B-method group. First call for papers was sent out but no submissions received so far. Ideas are maturing for the following papers:

The idea for a new Overture Development Board

Augusto Ribeiro and other Overture developers have been having some talks on how we can make it easier for other developers to join in the project and also on how to improve the general code quality on the Overture tool. From this discussions, the idea of forming some kind of Development Board (ODB) that would try to improve the tool in those specific matters appeared.

We had our first meeting last Thursday, to try and define some common ground in respect to expectations and hopes. The board at the moment is composed of 4 developers (Augusto, Kenneth Lausdahl, Nick Battle and Luis Couto) and Peter G. Larsen as the user representative. If somebody else is interested in joining this group, please mail Augusto. Everybody is, of course, welcome in our group discussions.

The Overture development board will concern itself mainly with the Overture codebase. The overall responsibility will be to keep the code at a high quality and make it as easy as possible for new developers to join the project, either to help with existing things or create new functionality.

Our responsibilities will be to:

This proposal was discussed at the NM and accepted; we look forward to future reports from the DB.

Release Management

Overture 1.2.4

The development branch is now caught up with dev-nick; assuming that there are no issues with the latest development version on the build server then it will be made into the v1.2.4 release. This will most likely be the last pure VDMJ version of Overture.

Overture 2α2

Progress has been made lately on refactoring the build architecture, using both the maven-tycho plugin and the lessons learned in setting up the COMPASS tool.

The maven Tycho plugin has vastly improved since the last time JWC tried it (a bit more than a year ago). The plugin is the result of a collaborative effort between the maven and Eclipse people to allow the compilation of Eclipse plugins using maven. Configuration is bit different: Tycho modules use the plugin.xml, build.properties, and MANIFEST.MF to determine library dependencies and the like (while maven normally keeps that metadata in pom.xml files). This allows these modules to use exactly the same configuration files for both the Eclipse debugging build and the maven standalone build. It appears, as a result, that we get a better match between what runs in the Eclipse debugging mode, and what runs in standalone builds.

From the experience with the COMPASS tool, the way that the jar files from core/ in the code are all being made available to the Eclipse plugins in ide/ via the org.overture.ide.core plugin. The COMPASS project creates a similar “bottleneck” — this vastly simplifies the configuration and tracking of jar files. We may set it up so that only the common jar files (e.g. for the ast, the typechecker, etc.) are made available through org.overture.ide.core, and plugin-specific jar files (e.g. those for the combinatorial testing functionality) are made available directly by the individual Eclipse plugins. The previous build setup required that every plugin import the specific core jars it needed: that worked, but was missing a version update on a single plugin caused hard to detect errors.

The ultimate goal of this is for it to be possible for anyone to be able to produce a standalone version of the Overture tool by running mvn install ; cd ide ; mvn install.

Publication plans

Also see Planned Publications and Overture Publications.

Both lists are in need of updating, some Planned Publications have already appeared but are not yet available through the Overture Publications page. Ken Pierce will review the list and send e-mails to all individual authors to their status and encourage them to perform the update.

Any Other Business

Next Meeting

24 March 2013, 1300 CET.