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Net Meeting 69

Date 24 March 2013, 1300 CET
Participants Joey Coleman, John Fitzgerald, Luis Diogo Couto, Nick Battle, Nico Plat, Peter Gorm Larsen (chair), Peter Jørgensen, Shin Sahara, Sako Hiroshi, Marcel Verhoef, Ken Pierce (minutes).

Review of Action List

The action item list is maintained as a tracker on SourceForge.


VDMTools 9.0.2 official release! The newest major upgrade version of VDMTools 9.0.2 was released. http://www.vdmtools.jp/en/

Change log:

Change of a license:


Status of the Overture Components


Small bug fixed to do with inmap subtype handling and error reporting with the location of types used in VDM++ class constructors. Checked-in and merged with the ASTv2 branches.

Overture Language Board

The minutes of the previous LB meeting can be found here Minutes_of_the_LB_NM%2C_27th_January_2013.

Status of the AST restructuring

Overture version 2.0.0 alpha 2 is now up in the Overture project’s “Files” section at SF.net. Please download and test it on your favourite models; if this version appears to be stable, we will transition to using beta tags. Also, please note that the ‘Git commit description’ in the About window (and on the slash screen) will show as Dev/2alpha1-437-g6e2a3ee. Two interesting things: first, it should show as Dev/2alpha2, but I’m suspect that I forgot to tag the build before testing it; second, that string is useful for telling the developers exactly which version from the git repository that was used to build the platform.

Most notable is that, as far as we can tell, all of the major functionality now works, including

This is Kenneth’s ‘UML2’ plugin, and replaces the old umltrans plugin

This replaces the old showtrace, and is its redevelopment by Peter WV Jørgensen, Mads von Qualen and Martin A Andersen.

Peter J has also done quite a lot of work recently to make sure that the new interpreter supports everything that the 1.2.4 interpreter does (largely by porting Nick’s changes).

However, we have dropped the

These are all open for debate, but note that some of these plugins were semi- or non-functional, some have already been replaced, and we hope that some of the functionality for these can be pulled back into Overture from the COMPASS project (and hopefully other projects). In any case, the old code remains safe in the repository’s history, even though it is no longer in the recent builds.

Known bugs, at this point, include

Further notes under Release Management.

Next Overture Workshop at iFM 2013

Deadline extended to 6th April. One suggested paper from Newcastle has been withdrawn, AU expects to submit all of its papers.

Language Board

No current issues. Minutes of the previous LB meeting can be found here Minutes_of_the_LB_NM%2C_27th_January_2013.

Release Management

Overture 1.2.5

At present there are no specific plans to create a v1.2.5 release, though Nick has commited some VDMJ fixes to the repository.

Overture 2alpha build setup

For the technically inclined, the build setup of the astv2 (Overture 2) branch in the git repository now uses the maven-tycho plugins. This gives us a couple of benefits:

The version number carried within the maven pom.xml configuration files has been set back to 2.0.0 from 2.2.x. Steps are being taken to ensure that we do not end up with conflicts due to the 1.2.x builds using a 2.1.x number (confused yet? We’re trying to fix that).

Publication plans

Status of Kenneth’s iFM paper updated. Sakoh to check if IPA/SEC Booklet #2 can be marked as completed. See also Planned Publications.

Any Other Business

Next Meeting

28 April 2013, 1300 CEST.