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Net Meeting 70

Date 28th April 2013, 1300 CET
Participants Joey Coleman, Luis Diogo Couto (minutes), Nick Battle, Peter Gorm Larsen (chair), Peter Jørgensen, Sako Hiroshi.

Review Status of the Action List

The action item list is maintained as a tracker on SourceForge.

Status of VDMTools Development

Tool Status

Same as last month.

VDM related people in Japan

In software Symposium 2013 (on 8th - 10th July), Dr. Kurita and Dr. Nakatsugawa (both are from FeliCa Networks) have become a program vice chair and a leader of the formal methods working group. Mr. Sakoh and I are the sub leader of the working group.

Status of the Overture Components


A few small bugs fixed this period. A bug with negative “mod” expressions; a bug regarding the accessibility check (in VDM++) for state designators that refer to private fields; there was a parser correction for “is not yet specified” and “is subclass responsibility”; and a small fix for inconclusive function calls in traces (thanks to PJ for that one!). A rather nastier bug was found/fixed on Friday, where field updates to record values with invariants were not checking the invariant. This was also hiding a problem with the atomic assignment statement, which was not supressing type invariant checks. All fixes checked-in and merged with the ASTv2 branches (except perhaps the last two, but coming soon).


An unfortunate implementation choice from the COMPASS project meant that the extended ASTs were generating conflicting classes. For the moment, JWC has changed the astCreator generation to use Java Strings in a way that requires Java 7. This is meant to be short-term temporary, and we have two student programmer looking at different aspects to help resolve this.

Development Board Status

Current status

There are some tasks in the git repository that have not been published on the list. They are too complex to be used for “getting started”. But more tasks will come.

Online presence

2 pages on this wiki:

Coming up

Release Planning

Overture astv2

Version 2.0.0beta1 is informally released; time constraints mean that JWC has not announced it. The “jumpiness” bug on OS X and Linux is still present. PWVJ is resolving bugs as they come in, that come from the students in PGL’s course as they use the tool.

Community Maintenance Reporting

The motivation, responsibilities and tasks for community management have been defined. The team has been officially launched by putting its page up on the overture wiki.

There will be 3 main responsibilities in the community management team. We are currently looking for people to tackle 2 of them (wiki editor and online presence manager).

We will look for these members in the core list and elsewhere. The wiki job is significantly more important. It will not require that the person do all the work themselves but simply lead the effort and be responsible for the wiki.

Publications Status and Plans

Also see Planned Publications.

No changes.

Any Other Business

Overture Workshop

A new deadline has been planned for the summer period. The workshop will be held in Aarhus at the end of August.

Separating Documentation/Code in the repository

The documentation will remain in the git repository (to simplify the build process). But the separation will be introduced. A new aggregation branch for documentation will be created. All work on documentation should be centered around it. PGL will monitor and oversee this branch.

Branch Policies

A document explaining the oficial policies for branch naming and use is required. A draft of this document has been started (Using Git) and a new action has been created for its completion. LDC is responsible for it.

Next Meeting

26th May 2013, 1300 CEST