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Net Meeting 75

Date 13/12/01
Participants Joey Coleman, Ken Pierce, Marcel Verhoef, Nick Battle, Peter Gorm Larsen, John Fitzgerald, Hiroshi Sako, Peter Jorgensen, Shin Sahara, Luis Diogo Couto (minutes)

Review Status of the Action List

The action item list is maintained as a tracker on SourceForge.

Overture Language Board Status

LB meeting held on Nov 10: Minutes available at Minutes_of_the_LB_NM%2C_10th_November_2013

Next meeting will be held on Dec 15 - the year’s last

A new convener has not yet been selected. One will be chosen (along with a secretary) at the beginning of the new year

Status of VDMTools Development

DB Brothers

SCSK released following frameworks and library. Following SCSK pages are in Japanese. Japanese VDM people will translate someday.

http://www.vdmtools.jp/modules/wfdownloads/viewcat.php?cid=15 (Japanese page)

The LB has had no input into the creation of these libraries. Better coordination is needed. Shin will take an action speak with SCSK to this effect (see action https://sourceforge.net/p/overture/netmeeting-actions/108/ here).

Status of the Overture Components


The following bug fixes have been made to VDMJ since the last meeting. They will be pulled into the 2.0 branch in due course:

2013-11-27 Correction to atomic evaluation with class invariants
2013-11-22 Correction to satisfiability POs
2013-11-21 Removed the "nil" type from the parser
2013-11-19 Allow breakpoints on class invariant expressions
2013-11-16 Correct type checking of static calls to non static operations
2013-11-15 Allow static operation postconditions to use "old" static data
2013-11-11 Corrected scheduling policy unfairness that affects stop ordering
2013-11-11 Only allow stop to work on the same CPU as the caller
2013-10-30 Fix breakpoints with "for" statement without "by" clause
2013-10-30 Correction to type checking of nil returns
2013-10-28 Type checker correction for "while true" loops

Overture Ide-2.0.1-SNAPSHOT

We met error (! Too many }’s.) in LateX process of Japanese VDM++ model.

We met some internal errors in debug of Japanese models.

Reporting of errors issues is difficult since the models and errors are in Japanese but bug reports will be filed in the new GitHub tracker.

Synch between Overture and VDMJ

Peter J has been porting NB’s VDMJ fixes over but the progress is slow. NB will try and help more with this process. NB will become more familiarised with ASTV2 so that the fixes can be done directly.

New features

Interpretation of post conditions is expected to available sometime before the end of the year. Some problems

Release Planning

Overture 2.0.0

still in holding state

Overture 2.0.0 is up on sf.net, but the release hasn’t been announced yet. We still need to:

  1. Run down the bug list, closing those that are definitely fixed
  2. Update the web pages
  3. Upload the Overture Eclipse Plugin repository (so that pure Eclipse users can install it in a general environment)

This is, as usual, constrained by my time (except for the bug list).

At some point in December we expect to release a v2.0.2 that includes some cleanups/small fixes. I will need to run down the commit log to see what’s changed, but there have been significant changes that to support aspects of COMPASS, and some of them may be more general.

An email will be sent out to Overture users announcing the new version sometime during the upcoming week.

Move to GitHub

The move happened on Thu 21 Nov; many of you will remember this date as the day your inbox suddenly received 1000 emails. Other than that, the move went smoothly and is now complete. The repository is at https://github.com/overturetool/overture and the issue tracker is at https://github.com/overturetool/overture/issues. Crescendo (DESTECS) has been on GitHub for a couple weeks longer, and Symphony (COMPASS) will likely be moved in December.

Note: only the Overture ‘bug tracker has been moved. The trackers for the LB, NM actions, and features are still on sf.net; I’m open to discussing moving them, but for the LB and NM trackers it’s not clear to me how they should be moved. However, the features tracker will probably migrate onto GitHub and be integrated in with the bugs, as the issues feature there naturally integrates bugs and feature requests.

Strategic Research Agenda

The Strategic Research Agenda is reviewed every other NetMeeting.

Publications Status and Plans

Some new papers added and others moved to published (yay!).

Overture Workshop TR is expected soon.

CODES book will go to the publisher today. Should be out soon.

Also see Planned Publications.

Any Other Business

Community Building

The discussion on community building has been resumed. Most agree that it is something that we need to work more on. Community building will now be a standing item in future NMs.


As part of the move to GitHub, we need to decide what to do with the NM and LB trackers.

JWC, MV and KP will meet and make a plan to harmonise the Overture infrastructure.