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Net Meeting 81

Date 10 August 2014, 13:00 CEST. Meeting ended at 13:38.
Participants HS, JF, JWC, LDC, PJ and PGL (chairing). Minutes by PJ.

Review Status of the Action List

See Net Meeting Actions

PGL has created the first slides series with the text he would like to speak of. So far Nick has given feedback and it is with Marcel now. Action carried forward.

Action closed. Replaced by 80-1.

Action closed. Find the repository here: https://github.com/overturetool/language

Action closed.

Action closed.

Carried forward.

Carried forward.

Overture Language Board Status

The RM proposing to add the object pattern to the list of patterns in VDM has been moved to the discussion phase. The discussion was started via the core mailing list August 3.

Status of VDMTools Development

SS has reported the status of VDMTools to be unchanged.

Status of the Overture Components


There were the usual trickle of bug fixes in VDMJ since last time:

Combinatorial Testing

We completed a change to the CT evaluation such that the expansion becomes lazy instead of expanding all test sequences before the first test is executed. The change makes it possible to run much larger sets of tests, and has the advantage that evaluation starts immediately.


Release Planning

No specific news for this meeting. There may be a release prior to the end of August, depending on time — if not, next release won’t be until early October.

Community Development

Overture Traffic

Do not see Download stats but use Google analytics instead. If you need access please email (Kenneth Lausdahl)

A pdf version as of August 7, 2014 is available here: Media:Analytics All Web Site Data Audience Overview 20140707-20140806.pdf

For download of the bundles see: Overture download page

Web site

Publications Status and Plans

The publication list was reviewed. See Planned Publications.

Any Other Business

The current approach is to initiate the discussion of RMs via the core mailing list when they enter the discussion phase. There was a small discussion concerning this approach, and people generally agree that it would be a good idea to move the discussion to Github instead and use the new LB tracker.