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Net Meeting 82

Date 21 September 2014
Participants PGL, JF, NB, HS, PVJ, LDC (minutes)

Review Status of the Action List

See Net Meeting Actions

41-1 carried forward. Waiting for input from MV. Will follow up. 79-2 carried forward. 80-1 left open. 81-1 closed.

Closed Actions:

81-1: PGL to clean up the “recently appeared” publications where Aarhus is involved == Created 10th August 2014 (see Net Meeting 81)
Owner: Peter Gorm Larsen

Overture Language Board Status

Landing Page

Is there a defined landing page for the language board stuff? Specifically, one that explains how to submit an RM, etc.

New action for NB to create a landing page for the LB.


Future LB issue discussion will take place on GitHub instead of the core list.

VDM 10 is now the default language for Overture projects. PGL has an action to ensure that is done in the tool.

Status of VDMTools Development

SS has reported the status of VDMTools to be unchanged.

Status of the Overture Components


Just one small bug fix this period:

2014-08-19 Detect spurious trailing tokens in flat specifications

Code Generator

2 MSc students have started projects on the Overture code generator. One is working on extending the CG with support for the concurrency mechanisms. The other is looking at the distribution aspects of VDM and if they can be code generated too

Release Planning

Not discussed.

Community Development

Overture Traffic

See download stats on Sourceforge or GitHub.

The SF download stats seem to be out of date. The downloads from the main overturetool.org page were at: 256.

Kenneth set up Google Analytics but that’s not being properly disseminated yet. LDC has an action to follow up on this by getting access and prepping a report for the next NM. NB and HS have also requested access.

Strategic Research Agenda

Not reviewed at this meeting. Will be discussed next time, after we have had answers on the EU proposals.

Publications Status and Plans

Also see Planned Publications.

Proceedings for the Overture workshop will be ready soon. Final paper is expected in the coming week and the proceedings will be out soon after.

Discussion has begun on the next Overture workshop and we are tentatively aiming for FM’15 in Oslo.

The planned publications list was reviewed and is generally up to date. The In Preparation list needs cleaning but that will be done as soon as the workshop proceedings are published,