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Net Meeting 83

Date 2nd November 2014.
Participants KP (chair), NB (minutes), JF, LD, JC

Review Status of the Action List

See Net Meeting Actions

Overture Language Board Status

KP gave an update on the LB status. Two RMs have been completed recently (Object Patterns, and the removal of sporadic and periodic from VDM++). There remains one active open RM, “Pure Operations”, which is being hotly debated.

JC also reminded us that we need to create GitHub issues in the main Overture repository when RMs enter the Execution state, to make sure they are recorded in the next Release Notes. KP will also add this as a note to the (new) wiki pages about LB processes.

Status of VDMTools Development

Dr.K is trying to execute some type bind as following:

   vdm> p { a | a : bool }
   { false, true }
   vdm> p { a | a : [] }\    { nil,  }\    vdm> p { a | a : bool * (  | ` | `` ) }`\ `   { mk_( false, `` ), mk_( false, `` ), mk_( false, `` ), mk_( true, `` ), mk_( true, `` ), mk_( true, `` ) }`\ `   vdm>`

This changes brings VDMTools in line with VDMJ.

Status of the Overture Components


A few small bug fixes this period:

2014-10-30 Correct problem with type check of unary minus expressions
2014-10-24 Fix for membership test of recursive types
2014-10-23 Correction to externals clause type checking
2014-09-28 Added implementation of Object Patterns (RM#25)

Release Planning

Version 2.1.2 released

Version 2.1.2 was released 9 October, with small bugfixes (grab it at GitHub). Mostly bugfixes.

Release Process

There’s only been minor progress on the Release Process document since the last release, and the plan to have Kenneth release 2.1.2 didn’t happen. The plan is still to have Kenneth actually do the release, with Joey watching over his shoulder, possibly for version 2.1.4.

Implementation of RMs from the Language Board

Nick noticed that Joey had not mentioned any of the implemented RMs in the release notes for the past few releases, and they agreed that a GitHub issue should probably be created in the code repository when a RM moves to the ‘execution’ stage so that they are appropriately tracked with releases.

Overture Documentation primary location

The primary location for the Overture document (including the LRM) is in the overturetool/language repo on GitHub; do not edit the version in the overturetool/overture repo, as it is deprecated and will go away as soon as Joey has time to adjust the build.

Version 2.1.4

We presently have a small handful of fixed bugs, so Joey expects to do a release at some point in late November, keeping with the ~2 month tempo for releases.

Community Development

Analytics for the month of september:

. Lots of other information is available from the website but for now we start with Overview, Engagement and Location data. JF gave a short update about the recent trip he and PGL took to Japan. A trip report can be found at [Japan Trip November 2014](Japan Trip November 2014 "wikilink"). Action 83-1 will record the need for a proper trip report. One interesting outcome is likely to be the availability of videos of the main presentations on YouTube. Strategic Research Agenda ------------------------- This was not discussed, pending the completion of action 80-1: Revise Strategic Goals for 2020. Publications Status and Plans ----------------------------- Individuals will make updates to the wiki. We hope to see the 12th Workshop proceedings out next week. See [Planned Publications](Planned Publications "wikilink").