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Net Meeting 85

Date 18 January 2015, 13:00 CET
Participants PGL(chair), NB(minutes), PJ, MV, JC, HS, LDC, SS, TO

Review Status of the Action List

See Net Meeting Actions

Actions 41-1, 80-1 and 82-1 are carried forward. Actions 83-1 and 84-1 are closed. No new actions.

Overture Language Board Status

The Language Board was dissolved at the end of 2014. The re-formed LB has yet to meet in 2015. The first meeting will be next Sunday, so no progress to report.

Status of VDMTools Development

SS has reported the status of VDMTools to be unchanged.

Status of the Overture Components


Just small bug fixes in this period:

2014-12-17 Correction to type check of self-referential definitions


2014-01-07 Fixed construction of pre and post types for functions and operations

In addition, there has been made a series of improvements to the Java code generator concerning code generation of scoping of local variables as well hidden definitions and duplicate definitions. The Java code generator now:

Release Planning

Version 2.1.6 released

Version 2.1.6 has been released. The major new thing is the integration of the GUI builder stuff from Porto into the IDE. Other than the usual bug fixes, the only other notable bit is that the command line jar is now bundled in the main distribution zipfiles.

Release process

As part of the 2.1.6 release, Joey has revised the process document based on Luís’ experience with 2.1.4. It should be possible for developers to do a release by following the instructions in the document now.

Version 2.1.8

Per the usual pace, 2.1.8 should be expected in late March.

Community Development

Overture Traffic

See download stats on GitHub


more info available at http://www.google.com/analytics/ (access must be granted)

There was some discussion about some work being undertaken by Kyushu University on tool support for the generation of specifications from annotated natural language descriptions. There is no progress information available currently, but this will be tracked in future meetings.

Strategic Research Agenda

This was omitted, since JF was not present.

Publications Status and Plans

See Planned Publications.

NB will clarify the status of the 12th Overture Workshop proceedings with JF.

Any Other Business

MV updated us with his new contact details, as his previous Chess details are about to expire.