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Net Meeting 93

Date 2015-12-06 13:00 CET
Participants PGL, NB, KP, TO, MV, GK, HS, LF, LDC (minutes)

Review Status of the Action List

See Net Meeting Actions

Overture Language Board Status

Election for the Language Board

The LB will initially proceed with 7 members and PJ and MV as observers. A vote to expand to 9 members will be held on the core mailing list. MV will organise it. (new action: https://github.com/overturetool/overturetool.github.io/issues/23)

Assuming the vote passes, the LB will move forward with the 9 members who stood for election: Ken, PeterJ, Anne ,Nick ,Marcel ,Leo ,Tomo ,Luis and Dr K

Status of VDMTools Development

VDMTools is being handed over to Kyushu-Univ now. No status changes from last time. There is a plan to add support for pure operations.


2015-11-24 Fix a problem with set pattern matching, raised by Tomo.

Status of the Overture Components

No updates.

Release Planning

No updates.

Community Development

Overture Traffic

See download stats on the downloads page

Heavy downloads from Porto. PGL will contact to see if we can help (new action: https://github.com/overturetool/overturetool.github.io/issues/24).

VDMTools Ownership

Paperwork prepared and awaits signing. It is expected that VDMTools will be made open source. KU may do further work on it but still a lot of bureaucracy to sort through. We will wait for further news. PGL will contact Araki-san so he can provide more details at the next NM (new action: https://github.com/overturetool/overturetool.github.io/issues/25).

2016 NMs

Dates for the 2016 NMs have been posted at https://www.overturetool.org/netmeetings/

Research Projects

Publications Status and Plans

See Planned Publications.

Any Other Business

We expect to go for a new Overture workshop in connection with FM’16.