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The 5th Overture Workshop

Date, location and theme

8th and 9th of November 2008, Braga, Portugal

This workshop was organised at the University of Minho in Braga, Portugal. The overall theme of this workshop was to exercise different aspects of developing software for the Overture open source platform on top of Eclipse. The aspects that will be covered included:


The workshop is sponsored by NOKIA, Taro Kurita privately, Shin Sahara privately and Marcel Verhoef privately.


8th of November

9th of November

Software Requirements

Group Composition

The participants have been divided up into the following groups: (more to be added when a complete list of Minho participants are available)

Helpful references

VDMUnit is described in Chapter 9 of the Validated Designs book, see www.vdmbook.com JUnit can be found at http://junit.org and a good “junit-by-example” introduction can be found at http://junit.sourceforge.net/ For Overture, we currently use version 3.8.1 of JUnit A very good (and free) introductionary book on Maven is Better Builds With Maven (PDF) The definitive reference on Maven: http://oreilly.com/catalog/9780596517335/ For SVN, check the following books: http://svnbook.red-bean.com/ (also available printed as http://oreilly.com/catalog/9780596510336/) For developing Eclipse plug-ins, check out the excellent book http://qualityeclipse.com/

Results of the workshop

An initial version of the different subprojects for the Overture tool have been established. See subproject status.

Accomodation possibilities

Hotels direct booking by participants (please mention Overture Workshop as the prices below are reduced) SPRU Residence: must be booked by the University (send an email to lsb@di.uminho.pt specifying dates and type of accommodation required)

Albergaria Senhora-a-Branca (****) Largo da Senhora-a-Branca nº 58 4710-443 Braga Tel: (+351) 253 269938; Fax: (+351) 253 269937 WWW: http://albergariasrabranca.pt/indiceing.html email: AlbergariaSraBranca@oninet.pt Distance to the University: 20 min (walking) Prices: Single 34.5 € , Double 45 € (breakfast and private garage included) (Now full – JoeyColeman - 30 Sep 2008)

Hotel Lamacaes (***) Av.D.João II nº75 - Nogueiró 4715 - 313 Braga Tel: (+351) 253 603 680 / 919 668 256; Fax: (+351) 253 603 689 WWW: http://www.hotel-lamacaes.com/ Distance to the University: 5 min (walking) Prices: Single 33 € , Double 40 € (breakfast included)

SPRU Braga Estacao (University Residence) Largo da Estação do Caminho de Ferro Maximinos - 4700-023 Braga Tel: (+351) 253 206500; Fax: (+351) 253 687116 WWW: http://www.spru.pt (select Braga-Estacao) Distance to the University: 30 min (walking) or bus Prices: Single 23 € Double 30 € (no breakfast)

How to get to Braga

The nearest airport is Francisco Sá Carneiro airport of Porto (http://www.ana.pt/portal/page/portal/ANA/AEROPORTO_PORTO/) From Porto airport:

Taking a taxi is the simplest and the fastest way (45 min). The distance between the Oporto airport and Braga is about 50km by road. The cost of traveling from the airport to the Braga city center should be around EUR 50.00.
The cheapest way: Take the metro to Oporto Railway Station “Campanhã”. Line E (Violet) goes to “Estadio do Dragão”. Exit at Campanhã. The metro ticket should cost you around EUR 2.00. Take a train from the Campanhã train station to Braga. The train ticket should cost you around EUR 2.00. In general the earliest train to Braga leaves from Porto-Campanhã station at 6:21; the last train leaves at 22:36. Be sure to check since timetables are different on weekends. (timetables)


Standing Left to Right:João Miguel Fernandes, Ana Paiva, Augusto Ribeiro, Bárbara Vieira, Kenneth Lausdahl, Alcino Cunha, José Oliveira, Peter Gorm Larsen, Christian Thillemann, Lasse Lorentzen, Hans Kristian Agerlund Lintrup, Luis Barbosa, Nuno Rodrigues, Óscar Ribeiro,

Front row: Marcel Verhoef, Miguel Marques, Daniel Machado, José Vilaça, Hugo Pacheco, Joey Coleman, Miguel Ferreira, Hélder Pereira, Ricardo Romano (Photo by Marcel Verhoef, 9 November 2008)

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