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The 1st Overture Workshop

Date and Location

First Overture Workshop, 18 July 2005, Newcastle University, UK


The following papers and presentations are as supplied by their authors. They have not been subject to peer review. If you have an queries about externally published materials based on these papers, please contact the authors directly.

The draft papers from the workshop were released as a Newcastle Computing Science Technical Report:

Fitzgerald, J. S., Larsen, P. G., Plat, N. (eds.), Towards Next Generation Tools for VDM: Contributions to the First International Overture Workshop, Newcastle, July 2005, Technical Report CS-TR 969, School of Computing Science, Newcastle University, Jun 2006. Full Text PDF


Workshop programme



Results from the brainstorm session.


Image:IMG_0463.JPG Image:IMG_0464.JPG Image:IMG_0465.JPG Image:IMG_0466.JPG Image:IMG_0468.JPG Image:IMG_0469.JPG Image:IMG_0470.JPG Image:IMG_0471.JPG Image:IMG_0472.JPG Image:IMG_0473.JPG Image:IMG_0474.JPG Image:IMG_0475.JPG Image:IMG_0476.JPG Image:IMG_0477.JPG Image:IMG_0480.JPG Image:IMG_0481.JPG Image:IMG_0482.JPG Image:IMG_0483.JPG Image:IMG_0484.JPG Image:IMG_0485.JPG Image:IMG_0486.JPG Image:IMG_0487.JPG Image:IMG_0489.JPG Image:IMG_0490.JPG Image:IMG_0491.JPG Image:IMG_0493.JPG Image:IMG_0495.JPG Image:IMG_0496.JPG Image:IMG_0497.JPG Image:IMG_0498.JPG Image:IMG_0499.JPG Image:IMG_0501.JPG Image:IMG_0502.JPG Image:IMG_0503.JPG Image:IMG_0504.JPG Image:IMG_0505.JPG Image:IMG_0506.JPG Image:IMG_0508.JPG Image:IMG_0509.JPG Image:IMG_0510.JPG Image:IMG_0511.JPG Image:IMG_0512.JPG Image:IMG_0513.JPG Image:IMG_0514.JPG Image:IMG_0515.JPG